Announcing the BuddyBar Widget for BuddyPress

Slushman publishes his first plugin, the BuddyBar Widget for BuddyPress. The widget places all the links on BuddyPress’s BuddyBar in a sidebar widget.

My first WordPress plugin was recently published in the WordPress directory: BuddyBar Widget. While working on the Towermix Network for Belmont University‘s Curb College, they asked about getting rid of the Admin Bar across the top of the page, which is part of the default installation of BuddyPress. Since the BuddyBar (as some call it) contains all the links necessary for managing one’s account, this posed a problem. After some hacking and research, I found out how those links were structured and put them all into a nice little sidebar widget. I’ve called it the BuddyBar Widget and you can download it from the WordPress Plugin Directory.  You can read up on the plugin, it’s features, and get the FAQ on the plugin’s page.

One thought on “Announcing the BuddyBar Widget for BuddyPress”

  1. Greetings Slushman,

    Thanks for developing the bbw. I am building a site and it’s exactly what I needed.
    Question: I do not need the log-in form on the left sidebar because I have one on the right.
    How do I get rid of that form without getting rid of the one on the right that buddypress provides?
    Also, I need to get rid of the “log-out” btn on the bbw menu after member is logged in?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Rick A Prentice

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