ArtistDataPress Version 0.4 released!

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Version 0.4 brings major changes to ArtistDataPress.  Most noticeably, you’ll see tabs on the options page now, with one dedicated to your choice for how your show listings appear on the page.

ArtistDataPress Layout Settings page
ArtistDataPress Layout Settings page


I’ve added a second layout option there and you should also notice the preview uses your actual data!  FYI, if your feed is empty or you don’t have a feed entered, I’ve got some example data in there to show you what it would look like with data.  Underneath, I’ve built a templating system, which will make it easier to add new layouts for both the page/post version and the widgets.  Version 0.4 includes two layouts for the page, Classic and iCal, and one for the widget, Classic.  I’ll be adding new layouts from now on, hopefully adding some cool options that will make displaying your show listings much more visually interesting.  Or at least different.

ArtistDataPress "Classic" Layout
ArtistDataPress “Classic” Layout
ArtistDataPress "iCal" Layout
ArtistDataPress “iCal” Layout

On a related note, if you’ve customized the CSS for your shows page, it will need to be updated.  I changed the CSS naming scheme for ADP to make it easier to add more layouts in the future.  The scheme for IDs and classes for all ADP properties is now: slushman_adp_(layout name)_(property name).  For example, the div containing the date and time on the Classic layout  for the Classic layout would be: slushman_adp_classic_date_time.  For the iCal layout, it would be: slushman_adp_ical_date_time.  Make sense?

I also fixed a bug relating to the Google micro-formatting I added a few updates ago.  Google can look at your page and, based on the formatting and meta data, can display your events in search results.  Part of that micro-formatting requires knowing the zip code where the event takes place.  Some artists use their “past” feed instead of the “future” feed, which causes an error with the zip code because ArtistData only started adding the zip code to shows in February of 2010.  Meaning any shows before then would throw an error.  Now, it simply comes back blank and no zip code is provided.  Which shouldn’t be a big deal since we’re talking about shows that have already happened. 🙂

So there you have it, ArtistDataPress 0.4.  Oh yeah, I also added some support links and a Paypal button on the General Settings page, in case you’re feeling generous.  It’s been a long two weeks and I know my wife will be happy to have me working on something else (or not working at all after hours).  Happy updating!

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