BP Profile Video Widget for BuddyPress updated to 0.3

I released the 0.3 update for BP Profile Video Widget earlier today.  This update includes one big change: the elimination of the Service profile field.  The plugin will auto-detect the service being used based on the video’s URL.  I also included support for the new Youtube short URLs and embedding of Facebook videos.  I’d happily include other video services, but I’ll need some feedback as to which ones, so if you have uggestions, let me know in the comments!  Otherwise, happy updating!

Announcing the BP Profile Video Widget for BuddyPress

Slushman publishes the BP Profile Video Widget plugin, which displays a YouTube or Vimeo video on your BuddyPress profile.

I recently published a new BuddyPress plugin in the WordPress directory: BP Profile Video Widget. While working on the Towermix Network for Belmont University‘s Curb College, they wanted a way for the users to show off their work, specifically, videos they’ve made or been in. I put together this widget that displays a video from either YouTube or Vimeo. You can download it from the WordPress Plugin Directory. You can read up on the plugin, it’s features, and get the FAQ on the plugin’s page.