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How to Add a Select Menu of Formidable Forms in Customizer

Published July 18, 2016

I recently had a need to list all the published Formidable forms as a select control in Customizer. Formidable doesn’t spell out how to get this list, but I eventually stumbled on this method.

$forms = FrmForm::get_published_forms();
$choices = array();
foreach ( $forms as $form ) {
$choices[$form->id] = $form->name;
// Formidable Forms Select Field
'capability' => 'edit_theme_options',
'default' => '',
'transport' => 'postMessage',
'type' => 'theme_mod'
'active_callback' => '',
'choices' => $choices,
'description' => esc_html__( '', 'text-domain' ),
'label' => esc_html__( 'Formidable Forms Select', 'text-domain' ),
'priority' => 10,
'section' => 'your-section',
'settings' => 'formidable_form_select',
'type' => 'select'
$wp_customize->get_setting( 'formidable_form_select' )->transport = 'postMessage';

Gist of the code above

Brief explanation

Use the get_published_forms() static function in the FrmForm class from Formidable to get an array of public form objects.

Loop through them and add each to the $choices array, which is used for the choices in the Customizer select control.

This control will return the form ID. You could tweak this to use the form key or any other data from the form object.

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