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Adding a Custom Class to a Submit Button

Published January 17, 2013

While you can hand-code the HTML for a submit button in a form, WordPress has a nice function, submit_button(), that echoes the correct code for you.

For a recent project, I wanted to restyle some buttons to make them look like links rather than buttons. While you don’t NEED a special class to pull this off, it is easier and neater in the CSS. I thought this would be achievable in the $other_attributes. However, the $type parameter accepts any string, not just the WordPress defaults.

Whatever you put there appears in the class attribute of the button. Then use that class to style the button however you wish!

* Default WordPress submit() parameters
* @param string $text changes the text on the button
* @param string $type determines the style of the button. WordPress styling options:
* primary - the default
* secondary
* delete
* custom - add your custom class for styling here!
* @param string $name sets the name attribute for the button, its "Submit" by default.
* @param string $wrap determines if the button is wrapped in paragraphs tags or not, the default is true.
* @param array $other_attributes sets other attributes for the button.
submit_button( 'Whatever Text', 'my-custom-class' );

Gist of the code above

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