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How to Set Dashboard to Use One Column

Published 2011-08-11

I’m working on a plugin where I need the Dashboard to have one column for all users. While I could log into every user and change their Screen Options to one column, it would take next to forever with thousands of students accessing this site. Thankfully, I found this bit of code on Stackexchange (thanks sorich87!) and modified it for the Dashboard page. This will force all users to have one column on the Dashboard.

function screen_layout_columns($columns) {
    $columns['dashboard'] = 1;

    return $columns;

add_filter('screen_layout_columns', 'screen_layout_columns');

function screen_layout_dashboard() {
    return 1;

add_filter('get_user_option_screen_layout_dashboard', 'screen_layout_dashboard');

Gist of the code above

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